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Our performances

  • Organization and Reorganization of entrepreneur
  • Processes in the Company will be arranged more efficiently
  • Introduction and installation of departmental Costing and product costing
  • Introduction of Management Information Systems (Reporting system)
  • Raising the efficiency and motivating the staff members
  • Installation of cost estimation at modern points of view
  • Finance – and liquidity management (cash flow)
  • Project management
  • Planning, Budgeting, Controlling
  • Marketing
  • Successor of the Company
  • and more…

Our customers

Small – and middle-class companies of different sectors.
Particular experiences are available in some branches, which you can see below.

For a middle-class software company an individual project management-system was developed. The installation resulted under inclusion of the staff members in several steps.


  • Shift of the departmental cost accounting
  • Introduction of the product costing (project management)
  • Introduction of Reporting system

A small factory in family hand had relatively high capital assets and worked with losses. The analysis showed errors in the cost estimation, Reengineering of the manufacturing must be done, and a Cost reduction program. The measures:


  • Reorganization of the hole Organization and processes
  • New installation of calculating and using of better user software
  • Increase of Efficiency because of motivating the staff


A middle-class deliverer for automobiles was because of economic cycle in a critical financial situation. The analysis showed that the problems lay on the Business cycle, in the finance management and the capital assets. The problem could be solved because of:


  • Economical analyze of the Company
  • Establishing of cost estimation (hourly rate and product)
  • Training of staff members to get a better understanding for the costs
  • Reorganization
  • customer relationship


Service companies are dependent from the economical situation of the country.  The analysis of the company showed that the losses were recorded for more than 3 years. The turnaround was created within 2 years:


  • Costing structure: both hourly rate and the job costing was rebuilt.
  • Profit by streamlining processes and better customer management
  • Rebuild of the equity