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Hourani Consulting offers management consultancy services and sales consulting for the Arab countries.

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Small and efficient!

Hourani Consulting is a small and efficient economical expert Consulting Company. The summary of analysis, advice, implementation and training in one hand, is our philosophy.

The orientation to the customers means, that the momentary situation will be analyzed with the customer in his Company. Subsequently the suitable measures are compiled jointly for the problem solving. Not only the analysis but also the Know how-transformation are intensity of Hourani Consulting. Therefore the staff members will be motivated and trained to implement the solution. As this was successfully accomplished, exemplify numerous examples.

Good relationship in the Arabic states qualify Hourani Consulting, however also in particular mass for the advice and active support of sales in this economical interestingly area.

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Khalil Hourani


Since 1993 Hourani Consulting is led through Mr. Dr. Khalil Hourani.

He was over 14 years in international enterprises in different positions, sales- and manufacturing-controlling and as head of department controlling. His relationship respectively connections and language proficiency (fluently German, English and Arabic) make him to a demand adviser, also for the Business with the Arabic states. (CV)



our specialist area

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The classic management consultancy offers an increase in efficiency and an increase in flexibility. These include, for example, the structure of the calculation, the proper cost accounting , business planning and financial management, as well as profitability and liquidity. By modern Controlling your company can manage to success.


Procedure: analysis, consulting, implementation and training. With the analysis of each consultation begins. The company is being investigated project-based and the critical points identified.


The result is discussed with those responsible and appropriate implementation measures or performed.


For example, Capital commitment, camp here and the logistical processes ( material receiving, storage , production, output planning and shipping) are investigated. i. e. from receipt until payment of the customer . The result is discussed with the Management in the company and each person developed an implementation plan . At the end of a reduction of capital commitment depending on the project of 20 -30 %. This is free liquidity and the company needs fewer loans.

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Arabic Market

GABF 2013 FrauenThe Arab countries are an interesting market. Strong orientation to Europe and booming markets offer a lot of potential. The marketing of your products and services in the Arab market is very rewarding if you know how to proceed correctly. Khalil Fahnen the Market is very good for the most companies, your products and services will be welcome their.


GermanArabBusForumWe offer you the unique opportunity to distribute your products in this market with more than 320 million people by example establish a local dealer or establish joint venture or perform other marketing activities.

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The modern corporate management requires trained staff. They think with and think about how they can drive the business forward. To this subject, we offer a variety of different seminars. (Overview training 2014).


Intercultural Training

With regard to business, the mentality of the Arab business partners plays an important role. It pays to get to know this so you can successfully deposed its products or services in this market. We offer several options for the mental preparation of your managers and employees. Here you can choose between: Basic Seminar, advanced seminar, marketing, trade show preparation and coaching.
( Services ).



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